Ask Provide:


Counselling in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Bases include the Alfreton, Chesterfield and Chilwell areas. Venues and times can be arranged to suit choice and need. Home visits are available.


Our Mission


Working with universal issues Ask provides a confidential, professional and non-judgemental counselling service for those seeking to navigate personal challenges and to improve the quality of their life experience. Ask is here to help you develop the quality of experience that you would choose.


About Ask


Ask is a small team of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists dedicated to improving the quality of your life journey. Our experience in counselling is varied, including addiction, abuse and universal G.P referral, not forgetting that we are individuals with our own varied life experiences.


The name 'Ask' is derived from our belief that your individual ask of us is paramount to the way in which we practice. Research has shown that positive therapeutic relationships are of the utmost importance to positive outcomes; a truth that is at the foundation of our practice. We believe that the relationship begins at the first point of contact. To us there is no such thing as a trivial question and we value every enquiry. Confidentiality applies from your first point of enquiry. More about our team can be seen on Our Counselling page.


Ask works with individual self-referral: see Our service & Our counselling pages. We also work with GPs, business and organisations. For further information regarding business and organisations please click here,


In addition to a one-to-one service we provide counselling for couples and groups, we also provide community based workshops dealing with issues such as coping with stress and confidence building. The specific focus of workshops is negotiated with the individuals who attend. See Workshops.


We are keen to help the development of the therapeutic community and the benefits that this can bring to the wider community as a whole, Ask is proud to offer the opportunity for student and trainee counsellors and therapists to engage in personal process groups to develop their individual and therapeutic awareness. See group process.